Our working method

Who is Rimmel Studios? And how does it work?

Rimmel Studio makes you earn more during your webcams shows. Thanks to our experts who will make you a top cam model. Thanks to advertising in our networks you will greatly increase your audience.
Thanks to our website that will allow interested users to set a date to be able to see you on a private webcam for the amount you have set and thanks to the experience of our team that will make you grow with many suggestions, you will make more more and more money.
And if that's not enough, you can ask Rimmel to record your live streams and sell videos of them to make money even when you're not there at the PC.
The professional photos taken by us in the studio that best represent you will bring to call you more customers and you can also earn from these photos that we will sell in our circuits.

Through a network of hundreds of partner sites we introduce you to the customers, with fashion agencies, with photographers or anyone that is interested in your photos.
Also, if you don't have professional photos, we will shoot them for FREE for up to two sets a month.
Think about how much time you could save by having your contributions managed by people in the industry who protect you and work to give you a higher profit.

Are you a couple, a single with a profile in Pornhub as a model? How many videos do you have that gives you little or no money?
Rimmel Studio takes your videos even with your face blurred or covered by a mask, distributes them through our partner sales sites and through our distributors and you won't even have to waste time uploading videos to your sales site that makes you earn almost nothing, you will only have to worry about filming and sending us the videos, we will sell them for you.
If you miss the equipment for filming, come to our studios and we will film you with professional equipment for FREE.
And if you are girl and you are alone you can film with one of our professional actors in total safety and if you are a boy you can find a partner to film with on Mylifexxx, keeping anonymity if you wish.

Rimmel studios put you in touch with possible customers, whether you are a model, a porn actress or a cam girl. Rimmel advertises you on social networks and through our partner sites.
It allows you to work at 360 degrees with your image, giving you the opportunity to interact with customers who ask you for nude photos, a private cam session or a porn video that you didn't think of taking before. If you don't want to show your naked body you can also sell your best shots.
Of course it's up to you to decide what you want to do and how much money you want to ask for.
Think about how many more revenue you can generate thanks to all this.
Not only an opportunity, but many, not only a social network with which you struggle to earn, but the union of more of them in which it will be easier to earn more.

Rimmel studios saves you time and money.
Don't waste time responding to absurd requests from social media or email. You will not have to give your phone number to anyone or waste your time with jobs that lead to nothing.
Our agents will filter requests, evaluate customers, propose jobs and ask for references so you can find a clean, safe and professional environment and collect the right amount of money you deserve.

How many times have you had problems getting money from a customer? Would you receive money without giving too much personal information? Don't know how to send the material? Do you want to make sure your material isn't spread all over the internet? Well, Rimmel Studios solves all of this. We will cash in for you from the customer. We will disclose your material via secure and non-downloadable links.

Rimmel Studios is all of this and much more. What are you waiting for?